The Vine Fellowship Church - Copley Ohio

The Vine Fellowship COVID-19 Guidelines June 2021

UPDATE January 2nd, 2022.

These are difficult, uncomfortable and unsure times. With the up-tic of the current Covid variant, your Covid Team finds it necessary to return to full masking guidelines to help minimize any spreading to an already at-risk population. Effective Jan, 2, 2022, we ask that you remain masked throughout the entire worship at TVF. This will include the singing of hymns/songs. We are also reminded of maintaining social distance while in the hall. We will again position space screens for the members of our Praise and Worship team. They will unmask while singing and remask at the conclusion of song. As these measures are subject to change, we will continue to re-evaluate and adjust as things proceeds. Your attention is greatly appreciated.

November 5TH, 2021. 

  • Masks are required upon entry. Once seating, congregation may remove their masks when stationary. (If you are unvaccinated, please remain masked for the duration of the you time in the building)
  • Please kindly put your mask back on to move about the hall and throughout the church.
  • Food and drink are permitted with proper care. Food may be provided via catering, individually wrapped items, or by a minimum of two people who are masked and gloved. 
  • Seating will remain socially distanced- families may still sit together

Thank-you for your support and patience during these times of change!

                                          -The COVID-19 Task Force

Guidelines as of June 2021:

1. Two greeters at front door to greet and explain guidelines. One greeter will keep recorded names and phone numbers for Covid tracking.

2. Maintain social distancing. No temperature checks.

3. Sanitizing station located in café. Hand sanitizer, masks, Kleenex, paper towels, Clorox wipes, gloves and wastebasket.

4. Large bottle of sanitizer near front door. All must use it before entering main hall.

5. Offering plate on stand near entrance to main hall.

6. Keep coats, sweaters with you. Coat room will not be used.

7. No Bulletins or any handouts.

8. One person to monitor restrooms. Only one person in restroom at a time. Children need adult supervision. Handicapped individuals might need someone with them.

9. Families may sit together in small groups. Groups will remain socially distanced.

10. Worshippers no longer need to reserve a spot for in person worship

11. Masks are encouraged unless unable to for a medical reason. Encourage arriving early as the worship service will be live on YouTube.

12. Congregation will remain seated during the service. Zip lock bags with activities will be available for children. The greeters will distribute these. Child may take it home.

13. Singing is permitted. 

14. Congregation is encouraged to remain seated after The Blessing. We’ll share ”Where Have You Seen God” moments after the service.

15. Weather permitting, visiting should be outside at a safe distance.

16. Seating will be front to back rows to allow seating for latecomers.

17. Main Hall will have one or two greeters to supervise seating.

18. We have purchased an Air Purifier that is in the main hall.

19. Sanitizing procedures are in place. Greeters will open and close the front door to avoiding everyone touching the handle. We need to protect others and ourselves.

20. Kid Zone will not be staffed. Parents may supervise their own children. We’ll only use the large climbing play equipment that can easily be sanitized.

21. Communion will be observed monthly using individual packets.