Missionary News

We only have 2 more weeks to donate money toward items for Operation

Christmas Child Shoeboxes. Because of COVID19 we were not able to

physically collect items to go into a box of our own. However there is still a way that you can send a shoebox to a needy child somewhere in the

world. Once they heard about Covid19, Samaritan’s Purse began filling

shoeboxes for those of us who cannot meet together. Each box costs

$25.00 and will be filled by workers of Operation Christmas child just for

you. If you don’t have $25 to donate, that’s okay. Give what you can. I

am sure there is a person or persons out there that have just the right

amount of money that is needed for you to share a box.

If you would like to donate , please write your check out to THE VINE FELOWSHIP CHURCH AND WRITE FOR OPERATION CHRIST