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Pastor's Pen December 2021

Dear Members and Friends of The Vine Fellowship Church:

Well, as I sit and write, it is the official day that our church was

organized: Thursday, December 15, 1831. This past Sunday, we had

a wonderful celebration of 190 years of ministry.

I have just sent out an email to the people who will be reading

one of the 7 lessons at the Christmas Eve Service. It is hard to be-

lieve that this will be my 27th Christmas Eve service with you. Al-

though I had to miss the Christmas Eve service on December 24,

2019 due to RSV. So technically this will be my 26th Christmas Eve

with you in person.

As many of you know, the Christmas Eve service is my most fa-

vorite service of the year for a number of reasons. There is just

something about gathering with other followers of Jesus at the

church on the night that we celebrate our Lord breaking into the

darkness of this world and bringing His light to shine. This Christmas

Eve service will also hold special meaning for me as this will be my

last one with you as your pastor. As we look to a New Year, 2022, it

will also mark a new chapter in my life and in the life of our congre-

gation. With each Sunday, with each month, with each moment I

spend with you either in worship or in meetings or at other events, I

am trying to step back, take a snapshot in my mind, and hold our

times together in my heart. Know that I am praying for you, individu-

ally and corporately, and I give thanks for each and every one of you.

As the theme verse that the 190th Anniversary Task Force se-

lected and that now appears on the wall in the Main Hall on either

side of the cross says, “Behold, I am about to do something new”

(Isaiah 43:19), this is my prayer for our congregation in the days,

months, and years ahead.

May you and yours have a happy, healthy, Covid-19 free New

Year, 2022. Blessings on you always and forever. And I look forward

to seeing U in CH_RCH very soon.

Yours in Christ and on the Journey together,