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Pastor's Pen

Dear Members and Friends of The Vine Fellowship Church:

It is Tuesday, April 19th as I write, and it has been snowing

off-and-on all day. April rain showers I can handle but,

April snow showers?????

As it is only two days removed from Easter Sunday my

mind wonders back to what a great Resurrection Day it

was. The Main Hall was beautifully decorated with all

those beautiful flowers that Audrey Nolte and Cindy Bell

arranged; we had to keep putting up more chairs as we

had such a great crowd; the singing of Easter hymns and

the music was so uplifting. It truly was a great day. But it

is the reality of Jesus’ victory over death and sin that

marks the day for what it is- Jesus is Alive. And because

He lives, we too shall live.

So, even though it is snowing, and thank the Lord it is not

sticking to the ground, I celebrate with you Easter, spring,

green grass, flowers, the chirping of birds early in the

morning, warmer weather that will eventually come, new

beginnings, and new life.

Have a great merry month of May. I appreciate and love

you all.

Yours in Christ and on the Journey together,


Yours in Christ and on the Journey together,