Dear Members and Friends of The Vine Fellowship Church:

We start the month that typically brings to the end - summer vacations and weekends

away as earlier and earlier, children head back to school; What will this school year be

like? With children, 12 years and older being able to get vaccinated, will we find this fall

with everyone back in the classroom or back to the way the 2020-2021 school year

ended- with most children back

to school and with those who chose to keep their children in a virtual school or will the

Delta variant or another variant force us back to a way of life that is reminiscent of spring

and summer of 2020? As 1 write this article (July 20), 1 am reading articles (Schools

confront more polarization with mask rules for fall, Associated Press; Fauci says U.S.

is 'pleading' with people to get vaccinations as delta spreads, Bloomberg News; CDC

raises covid-19 warning for U.K. to highest level, urges Americans to avoid travel,

New York Daily News) and hearing that the Coronavirus cases are clouding the Tokyo

Olympic Games and that the games are being pushed over the finish line by the I.O.C.

president, Thomas Bach with the opening of the Olympics on Friday (July 23) amid a pan-

demic-related state of emergency. The question that is being raised is, is Mr. Bach saving

the Olympics or imperiling them? It was even reported on the sports news that it is possi-

ble that the 2020 Organizing Chief of the Olympics could cancel the Olympics at the last

minute. There is a lot of "uncertainty" as we move into the last days of July and the month

of August.

And so, we prepare for the fall season with so much uncertainty- the Delta variant and

Covid cases on the rise. If we are honest, we live in uncertain times; and yet this is the

way it has always been. Every year; every decade; every century has brought with it

both the highs and the lows where one beautiful September day with blue, partly cloudy

skies and kids back at, school, on the 11th day of that month, in the year 2001 (this

year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of that horrific day), 4 planes were highjacked

and two planes hit the twin towers in NY, 1 plane hit the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

and one plane went down in a field in Shanksville, PA. We never know from one day to

the next what we will either read in the newspaper or watch on the TV of what has tran-

spired over the course of 24 hours. Nothing is promised to us in this earthly life,

except, who promises to be with us in our tomorrows and the events that unfold.

The passage that has been my "go-to" passage in scripture, that many of you know, is He-

brews 13: 5 where God says, "I will never fail you. I will never abandon you." No, we do

not know what tomorrow may bring us, but, as I like to say, we can know for certain, who

will be there with us in our tomorrow and all that tomorrow brings.

Yours in Christ and on the Journey together,