The Vine Fellowship Church - Copley Ohio

Session Highlights

April 2022

Session ratified (Community Ministry/Mission Team) the email vote taken

on March 17, 2022 from the Community Ministry/Mission Team to donate

$5,000 from the Hope Everhart Fund to Pastor Patras Rahmat for the pur-

pose of helping to fund their [Pastor Patras and Naomi) educational mission

trip to Jordan this summer.

 Session approved (Personnel and Leadership Team) the creation of a Wor-

ship Media Coordinator position to coordinate the video, audio, and media


 Session approved (Worship Team) to incorporate the Worship Team Ex-

pectations document for members of the Praise and Worship Team.

 Session approved the baptism of Charlotte Rose Boylan, daughter of Katie

(Barsan) Boylan and Mark Boylan on Sunday, May 15th

 Session granted permission to Audrey Nolte to hold a concert for the Cop-

ley community this summer and collect donations to offset the cost of her at-

tending The Nightingale Opera Summer Program June 20th-July 10th.

 Session approved calling for a Special Congregational Meeting to be held

following the worship service on Sunday, April 24th to dissolve the pastoral

call of Dr. Mark T. Ruppert. The meeting will be moderated by the Rev. Francie Fischer.

 Session approved the request to hold a Bible Study and celebrate Communion on the first Thursday of each month at Vitalia Senior Residences of


 It was reported that the baptism of Gianna Lynn-Shireen Butler, infant

daughter of Ra John and Rebecca Butler [approved at the February 14, 2022

Session meeting] will take place on Sunday, June 12, 2022.

 Pastor Mark reported that Communion Training took place on Sunday,

April 10, 2022 with the following Elders (current or those who have previous

served) participating: Edie English, Elaine Miller, Larry Vincent, Rita Vincent,

and Peggy Weaver (this training will enable the ministry of a Bible Study and

Communion to continue at Vitalia Senior Residence of Montrose upon Mark’s